I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For…Fendi’s Monster Bugs Collection


Last month, Italian luxury powerhouse, Fendi released their most adventurous capsule collection to date: cosmic, monster themed accessories in the form of purses, handbags and keyrings with leather “eyes” not an option and the ever popular monster bag charms (aptly named, “bag bugs“). It’s a bold and interesting direction for the designer brand. Are we celebrating fashion’s irrelevance or is Fendi reminding us that we just want to have fun?


Seriously, I am really quite open minded. However, I just might be one of the few who isn’t completely loving these little furry creations, and I’ve yet to find a naysayer among other FBloggers! Argument aside, the pieces do have iconic status and are luxuriously made – buttery leather and real fox fur, anyone? – but covetable? This blogger isn’t so sure. For me, it’s Angry Birds on acid. 

While I do love whimsy as much as the next creatively-inspired gal, I much prefer the likes of Charlotte Olympia and Olympia Le-Tan for a dose of tongue-in-freak chic.

Image1. Sucker for Pandora Perspex clutch by Charlotte Olympia, 2. Owl Eyes Pouch by Charlotte Olympia, 3. Dracula Embroidered Clutch by Olympia Le-Tan 


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