An Open Love Letter To Victoria Bage

Coggles Website

I don’t do casual. I’m not one to dip and dabble in just-this-one-time dalliances. Retailers probably peg me as the hardest to convert as I’m too loyal, too difficult to be won over.

Hello, my name is Jennie and I’m in a long-term relationship with the brands I love.

Take for instance, the alternative lifestyle mecca that is Urban Outfitters. A regular since I was 14, I can’t even put an amount against all the pay checks I’ve received that have gone into this company. No more are the plastic drawstring shopper bags, the bohemian-printed smock dresses (thank god!), and in came slouchy slogan tees, textured dresses, jersey, velvet, tie-dye and pieces adorned with diamantes-in-the-rough and gotta-have-it appeal. But I digress, this is about my other unexplained long-term relationship with the York-born retailer, Coggles.

I can’t remember how I found Coggles, but I’ve always had an affinity for the brand. I think their website is beautiful and they have a discerning eye for selecting designers and their products.

Last year, I was so excited to attend Drapers’ 30 Under 30 Academy Day. Mark Bage, CEO and Creative Director at the time was on the panel discussing, How To Make A Brand Cool?

Well, Mark, your brand is cool. And so is your beard.


It was devastating to hear that the company went into administration a few months ago, but alas they were rescued and I can continue my courtship. And so should you!

Love is unexplainable, but I’ll try to explain it with the top reasons you should shop and love this brand too…

1/ The owner – Founder Victoria Bage named the company after the woman her partner cheated with as a reminder of the mistake he made! I mean, who does that?!

2/ The website – Full screen visuals, minimalist navigation and cute-as-a-button fonts. It’s the neatest website around.

3/ The edit – A finer than fine selection of unique, modern, cool designer brands such as Wildfox, Marc by Marc Jacobs, A.P.C., We Are Handsome, Zoe Karrsen…

4/ The Sunday Supplement – Forgoing hard sells, they send out a little slice of serenity to your inbox every weekend featuring anything from recipes, art, books and movies.


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