Appy Days

I originally wrote this piece for the luxury e-tailer Cocosa when I was the Editor there, but I think any tech-savvy person-on-the-go will appreciate this!

Although I don’t like to admit, I’ve become one of those people who are constantly glued to their smart phone. Firstly, I’m a bit of an organiser, my life is neatly organised within my iPhone’s 3″ x 2″ screen, and with that I tend to my emails, update my Twitter feed or, have a quick chat with friends. Secondly, as an Editor I live to be connected, clued in and forever on the pulse of what’s trending in fashion, technology, culture, you name it – I want to know it all.

While there’s the failsafe Apps that keep us all on to go such as Time Out and Spotify, there are a select few that help me do that little bit more. So, here are my Top 5 must-download-now iPhone Apps

5. Snapseed

Sure Instagram is fun, really easy to use and an absolute social media must-have, however when there’s just not enough saturation on my Hudson filter or I’ve taken a photo worth salvaging but can’t fix through insta-filters, that’s where Snapseed comes in. Like having Photoshop on my mobile, Snapseed is a quick photo editing tool where I have full control over how I spruce up my daily snaps to pure photo perfection!

St Pauls Cathedral

4. Fancy

For last minute invites or accidental forgotten birthdays, Fancy is perfect for finding unique and utterly cool products and gifts – everything from fashion to tech to homeware and much more. Product listings tend to show products “in action” so it’s typical to find street style product photography for extra inspiration and got-to-have-it appeal.


3. Buzzfeed

One of my favourite websites so naturally, this is one of my favourite Apps. An absolute hub for endless everyday entertainment, Buzzfeed captures and delivers viral content through the medium of imagery, articles and video. An absolute essential for those who want to be in the know on what’s trending online and the ideal space to curate conversation starters from.

2. Coffee In Touch

If you have a true love for coffee and a diary filled with meetings like me, this wonderful App locates your current position and tells you where your nearest coffee houses are complete with ratings, reviews and even a real-time update whether the cafe is open or not – all without a single Starbucks in sight!

Old Shoreditch Station1. Pocket

Where content is king, this App is truly indispensable – and my number one, must-download pick. The brilliance behind Pocket is that it seamlessly syncs with all my devices, be it phone, laptop or desktop. Working just like a Pinterest board, it saves all the amazing content and links I find on the go but don’t have the time to read, all in one place. The ideal lifestyle App this Editor thinks everyone should have!

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