The Only Way Is Up…And To The Left


To quote Beyonce, I wear my hair to the left, to the left…everything north of my shoulders is swept to the left.

And anyone who knows me also knows I style my hair in a way that can only be described as crashing waves of voluminous, chaotic, tumbling hair. A misconception follows me that I’m a chronic backcomber. In fact, very rarely would a brush go through my tresses, if at all – unless I’m sat at a salon and only after I profusely apologise to my stylist for the endless knots and tangles.

In reality, the path to panache is through a mix of product and technique. (And perhaps a head full of straight Asian hair to begin with.)

Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume

Step 1. Wash & Repeat After Me

I settle, mostly by default, on Herbal Essences as my go-to shampoo and conditioner combo. Their bottles of Uplifting Volume just works. It smells light, citrusy and lovely. The perfect base for big hair.

Step 2. Towel & Tousle Dry

Get that hair damp to touch.

Toni & Guy

Step 3. Massive Mousse

When I was younger I used to play with my Mom’s can of mousse in the downstairs bathroom. It fascinated and frightened me how a little dollop of this crazy liquid(!?) grew in my hand when it came in contact with air. Spooky!

Nowadays, I’m more like, this shiz is the bomb…and the holy grail to my volumising regime. I wholeheartedly use Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Mousse.

Sometimes I alternate with Umberto Giannini’s Glam Hair Massive Mousse but I prefer Toni & Guy’s formula as it’s a thicker product and leaves my hair with better texture. Depends on what result I’m after.

Salt Spray

Step 4. Salt Spray

I used to use Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray until I just couldn’t shell out the £14 anymore for a 125ml bottle. It was criminal. Luckily, there’s Umberto Giannini’s Glam Hair collection which retails at a third of B&B’s prices. And with names like Sex Bomb, Backcomb In A Bottle and Glamour Puss…you know what you’re in for!

Spray, spray, spray… Overuse and abuse ladies.

Step 5. The Blowout

First get into position: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and dry your hair upside down, full power on the mid heat setting and lifting at the roots.

Claw Clips

Step 6. The Pin Up

Ah, claw clips. What would I do without you?

If time is on your side, this step is pretty crucial as it ensures maximum volume that’ll last for the next 2-3 days – less if its humid out.

Once your hair is 95% dry, pile and clip all of it atop your noggin, then forget about it for an hour or so – or overnight if washing your hair pre-bedtime is your thing.

After set amount of time, unclip, unfurl and blow dry again on low heat, this time styling your hair into place – Voila! Sexy, voluminous bed hair with a subtle wave. Now sweep it all over your left shoulder and you’ve got my New York-meets-London look!

Images source: Pinterest, Artwork: Blogger’s own


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