Beanies With Bite


Every Winter I’m at odds whether to just bite the bullet and get myself a Bernstock Speirs veiled beanie. Their iconic, street-meets-catwalk beanie makes hat hair pretty much worth it. How can a single layer of netting create such a sartorial winner? 

Unfortunately, while I can’t pass my credit card over for a £85+ beanie, a quick Google search has led me to Etsy.

Thanks to girls who have a bit more time than me these days, I got my beanie fix this Winter.

There’s quite a few versions on Etsy, so I’ve picked a few of my favourites below. Of course, if you still pine for the luxe originals, you can shop them direct from the Bernstock Speirs online shop.

Over to handmade-ville, this is Caged Couture from Cali…

Veiled beanie

Caged Couture / Etsy

Swinging Chicks in the Netherlands…

Etsy: Swinging Chicks

And, Hhbou from the UK…

Hhbou - Etsy shop

I’m really hoping this micro-trend is here to stay. Like Nike Blazers, I also waited a good year before I succumbed and bought myself a pair. (FYI, they are very comfortable and go with everything, why did I wait so long?!) Either way, I’ll continue to wear mine proudly to the corner shop on cold Sunday mornings. After all, as most fashionistas know, you should treat the sidewalk like it’s your runway.

Bazaar Cover EU

Images source: Pinterest / Etsy


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