Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation still 1

I’m off to Japan next month for a two week holiday, so it’s had me watching again one of my favourite films of all time, Lost In Translation.

It’s beautifully shot on location in and around Tokyo and directed by Sofia Coppola. The film is humorously dark in credit to Bill Murray’s flawless one-liners and dazed disposition as faded film star, Bob Harris. While Scarlett Johannson plays Charlotte, an insecure, young wife who is searching for meaning in her life. The two strike up a close relationship brought together by their misplaced perceptions around their own relationships and immediate surroundings.

This being a fashion blog, I wanted to capture the essence of both characters’ sartorial style from the film, even if it was unknowing to them both that they had any. From Bob’s shameless camo print tshirt to Charlotte’s penchant for not wearing trousers, visually there were some underlying themes.

Lost In Translation still 2



Clockwise from top: Topshop Lipstick in Macaroon £8, J.Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt £78, Stella Mesh Brief Was £21/Now £12.60, T by Alexander Wang Classic Racer-Back Tank £63, Urban Decay Naked Palette $27, Urban Ears Plattan Headphones £50, Corgi Cashmere Socks £59

Lost In Translation still 3



Clockwise from top: Golf Bag cufflinks, Gucci Silk Satin Bow Tie £100, Grenson Dylan Brogues £185, Paul Smith Dressing Gown Was £90/Now £72, Mulberry Double Briefcase Black Calf £1,200, Owen & Fred Whiskey Aftershave Splash $16, Camoflauge Tshirt $15

Lost In Translation still 4

For me, Lost In Translation is highly relatable; from themes of worry and doubt over an unclear future, living abroad in a new environment to finding inexplicable chemistry with someone who you wouldn’t of thought shared with you…

To me, finding that one needle in the haystack is what the film delivers so well. Afterall, as the strapline for the movie goes, everyone wants to be found.

Images source: Cinemasquid.com

    • Jennie said:

      Ah thanks so much for that! Glad you liked the post 🙂

  1. Noa said:

    Totes didn’t know you were off to Japan?! Have a fab time!! xx

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