Final Warehouse SS14 campaign shot is revealed. Time stops.

Warehouse Fashion Shooters campaign

The guys over at Warehouse obviously aren’t superstitious as they revealed the 13th and final shot from their Spring/Summer ’14 campaign, Fashion Shooters this week.

What started as a month long teaser back in March with only so much as a hash tag offered, it would be three whole weeks before the big reveal, and it was big – Fashion Shooters officially launched with twelve fabulous fashion images taken by supermodel-turned-photographer, Helena Christensen – but it wasn’t a finished piece…

The first twelve images were a series of street style images of cool young things wearing new season Warehouse, and a camera or camera phone in hand playing as much an integral part of the finished styling as say, the season’s leather handbag worn over the model’s shoulder. In each image, the girls are poised on the brink of capturing or have captured the perfect shot, and looking ever so stylish while doing so.

Warehouse Fashion Shooters SS14

Warehouse Fashion Shooters SS14

Warehouse Fashion Shooters SS14

But there was more to Fashion Shooters than just alluring imagery by a super renowned model. It came with it, a fabulous pop up fashion festival in East London, plus the chance to be Warehouse’s photographer-for-a-day to capture the last and final shot of the campaign with mentoring by Helena herself.

Where else could Miss Warehouse go for her last shot? Looking at all the competing images taken, the winning shot by Emily Johnston is truly worth its merit. In my opinion, it’s a fabulous image! Beautifully back lit and captured at just the right moment, you can almost imagine something amazing and photo-worthy has caught the model’s eye and stopped her in her tracks. The winning shot keeps you guessing and wanting more, which is exactly why it works!

Here’s hoping it wasn’t someone else wearing the same silk kimono…

Warehouse Fashion Shooters SS14 Final Shot

Warehouse Fashion Shooters Edit

Warehouse Fashion Shooters campaign

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