All Black Everything

BST Hyde Park Black Sabbath

Last week’s British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park was like a masterclass in metal with Black Sabbath (yes, Ozzy Osbourne!) headlining, plus a complete set of epic bands who brought a wave of thundering musical nostalgia to everyone there, including myself.

The weather worked in our favour bringing undisturbed sunshine throughout, but black was still the uniform of the day. With my festival essentials in tow – sunnies, Vans, a flannel for the evening, and endless Jack & Coke, it was a case of catching all the headliners, mainly on the Royal Oak stage.

BST Hyde Park

Soundgarden’s set was pretty spesh. They opened with a message to the crowd they were going to play their 1994 album, Superunknown track by track from start to finish, and that they only did this two other times and that this would probably be their last. While this meant, they weren’t going to play anything off their later albums (“Pretty Noose“), we were still treated to 60 minutes of 90’s rock nostalgia, one of epic proportions.

BST Hyde Park Soundgarden

I admit, back then, I hated “Black Hole Sun“. I’m from the States so I’m allowed to say this. I hated Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction too; it was too much, all around, it dominated the airwaves and the music channels. Only now, ten years later can I truly appreciate Kim’s masterful guitar riffs, and Chris’ raspy yet ravishing vocals. Heard live, I absolutely loved “Black Hole Sun”. And I fell even harder in love with “The Day I Tried to Live” – my all time favourite Soundgarden track.

I was most excited to see Faith No More. Dressed in black robes and white collars, Mike Patton spewed lines from “The Exorcist” in between songs – as you do. Their set left a smile on my face. Midlife Crisis“, “We Care Alot“, “Easy“, “Epic” and so. much. more. A part of me wishes I was just getting into this band, discovering them and waiting for their next record, I feel the same about Underoath. There’s something about being in a time when a band is charting and everything they release is new and excites you!

As day turned to night, darkness started to cover Hyde Park, helped by the day’s ultimate headliner, Black Sabbath. Ozzy looked amazing and was in top form. They opened their set with “War Pigs” to an appreciative crowd. A random fact I learned during Black Sabbath’s set: it only takes up to ten seconds to lose one’s shoe in a mosh pit. During the set, I had to find my partner’s missing Vans in the darkness of the field, somehow I found it and the headbanging resumed.

In the end, we were tired, our legs were tired, we were wet from the rain that did eventually come later in the evening but we were only 30 minutes from home and it being a Friday, we still had a whole weekend to look forward to!

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