Written In The Stars

I admit, I’m slightly obsessed with reading my horoscope. Be it daily, weekly, monthly – hey, if you can tell me what’s coming up in the next hour I’d want to know. But despite all the foresight, I’m still often caught by the element of surprise; albeit the surprise of when a horoscope prediction becomes true, thank you very much Jessica Adams! 

Whether I like it or not, I’m a Virgo. At my worst I’m a worrier, perfectionist and analytical; but at my best I’m fiercely loyal, candid and well, uncharacteristically kooky. With my birthday month just two weeks away, and a new job in tow, I wanted to find something really cool this year to gift myself with. Zodiac accessories carry the essence of monogramming without being so obvious, but it’s really hard to find good zodiac accessories that isn’t a cheap pendant on a ball chain!

I did dig a little deeper and uncovered a few gems…so while I work my way up to saving for a gorgeous zodiac Charlotte Olympia Pandora clutch, I leave you with your prediction for the day, gifting ideas are up ahead…

Zodiac Shop

Row 1Sir Alistair Rai Pisces Scarf $98, Samantha Wills Virgo Silver Bangle $112, Luis Miguel Star Earrings £405Row 2: Urban Outfitters Virgo Socks $8, Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter £9, Topshop Capricorn Ring £4, Row 3Charlotte Olympia Aquarius Pandora Clutch Bag £795, Topshop Star Ring £6.50


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