Tales Of The City

I pride myself on being a city girl with the know-how and quick witted savviness of navigating the urban jungle that is London’s tangled tube lines, endless queuing systems and the ever confusing exit numbers at Old Street station. However, along with my nimble skill of cruising crowded city pavement, I also pride myself with admitting I buy way too many lattes from Pret, work way too many unpaid hours and don’t quite make it to the gym often enough – but I know I’m not alone.

With the trials and tribulations of living in a city like London, one thing that remains at the forefront of my mind is what I’m wearing while at the helm. Pieces that I can turn to when I’m running late for a girls night out, when a classic boardroom to bar evening becomes a midnight-bus-home kind of night or if I need to do a complete outfit switcheroo in the office bathroom within 5 minutes.

Warehouse Tales of the City

Cue Warehouse’s new fashion blog Tales of the City, their new style bible for urban girls like me. With new issues launching every Friday that deliver a dash of instant inspo, they cover every aspect of the working city girl’s lifestyle – WORK, PLAY, RELATIONSHIPS and STYLE. There are tongue-in-cheek articles around Tinder dating, instant fashion favourites from the brand, the latest cultural news tidbits plus glimpses into their new season heroes, um hello, red and black scratch-check duster coat!

With Autumn/Winter ’14 already under way, no urban girl is complete without this – read the latest issues from Tales of the City here.

Warehouse Tales of the City

Images source: warehouse.co.uk

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