Running: Are You In Or Out?

I was reluctant to quit my gym after moving out of my beloved Shoreditch (in East London) but the introduction of a 40 minute bus ride from Bow (even further East London) was seriously killing my motivation. With no better gym in my area to replace and in a bid to also save some money, I decided to invest in my own set of weights to start a home gym. But I needed an outlet for cardio and as it luckily turned out, five minutes from my new place is the River Lea canals. I had found my running trail – a variety of pavement that led me to the Olympic Park, Hackney Wick or Victoria Park and back in 40 minutes.


Running outdoors is hard. Much harder than running on a treadmill as I immediately found out when I started. With no belt to aid my legs and wind resistance to factor in, I wasn’t clocking the same mileage I had at the gym and frankly I was running out of puff faster too, having to stop and walk it off often. However, as with all things, my body got used to running outdoors and it’s so cliche, but I just got better at it every time I went out, able to run longer distances without stopping for a breather. I was elated. Science is awesome!

My Essentials. 


Running outdoors posed a new set of requirements. I needed an easy-grip water bottle that wouldn’t be annoying to carry, somewhere to keep my keys safe, something to keep my iPod on my person and not in my sweaty hands – and oh yes, even tissues for the dreaded hay fever symptoms that running outside in the summer brings.

Clockwise from leftFitbit Alta Wristband £100Sweaty Betty Infinity Workout Bra £50Sweaty Betty Power Mesh Leggings £90Reebok running bottle £3.50Reebok Slim Bum Bag £10, Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 Solstice £100USA Pro Boyfriend Tank £8.50

My Playlist. Album covers

Hear me out. I think the band Angels and Airwaves is great for running. 5 minute long songs, endless rocking and whole load of emotion coming out of Tom Delonge and co. I get the biggest buzz just by listening to “Do It For Me Now” and it just makes me run faster and run harder.

So, running. Are you in or out? While the weather is awesome here in the U.K. you’ll definitely find me chasing pavement.

Image source: Pinterest & Google

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  1. Silvy said:

    I love running to…and yes, outdoor is way harder than on a treadmill, but so much nicer, isn’t it? And Victoria park is an amazing place to run in:) Enjoy your run!

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