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Call it free speech, passive aggression or just simply DIY gone awry, the humble button, badge, pin is the latest favoured accessory to adorn. Like tattoos but without the commitment, the enamel pin and its siblings, the brooch and the badge, are the accessible, affordable and playful way to express your individual style and opinions.

Paired with the also-ubiquitous classic sweatshirt or denim jacket, how do you see yourself in this sartorial relationship?

button badge pin_the vocalist

You’re opinionated, judgemental and super knowledgeable. You have a lot on your mind and you’re not afraid of letting everyone know it but hey, you do have a point there, so tell me more…

The Vocalist: Can Pep Rey Oversized Sweatshirt £213, Naps Before Chaps Pin £7.50, Middle Finger Pin $10Not You Pin £7.50, Depressed AF Pin $12Erase You Pin $9, Hollyweird Pin $12Troll Doll Trump Pin $10, Nasty Woman Pin $10

button badge pin_the nostalgist
You’re championing all that happened yesteryear cos frankly the 00s just doesn’t cut it for you like the feel-good 80s or the mostly-melancholy 90s do. You miss cassette tapes, your blazer sleeves are rolled, you geeked out with the re-release of the Nokia 3310 because snake, and that’s OK!

The Nostalgist: Acne Studios Blå Konst Denim Jacket £320Slide Me In Disk Pin $12Date With Zack Pin $7.50Convergence Badge $2.40Golden Girls Blanche Pin $12Trivial Pursuit Pin £6Paper Origami Fortune Teller Pin £6Synth Keyboard Pin £7.50

button badge pin_the culturalist

Wes Anderson is your hero, High Fidelity is your favourite film and you subscribe to Vice Magazine. You’re effortlessly clued in to the latest meme, hashtag and viral so naturally your badge game is on point too.

The Culturalist: Pull&Bear Hooded Sweatshirt £18She’s My Rushmore Pin £8, RipNDip Falling For Nermal Pin $10, Drake Hotline Bling Pin £6.80Fuck Jerry Pin $12RipNDip Wart Pin $10Invader Emoji Pin $12Obey Andre The Giant Badge £7, Stranger Things Dustin Pin £6

Isabel Marant for H&M

This week Huffington Post revealed the most popular jacket of 2013 was indeed a trophy jacket. A trophy jacket from the deservedly-hyped Isabel Marant for H&M collection to be exact.

Be it baubles, sequins or a power print, I love a statement jacket. While I’m aware that trinketed and jewelled wear isn’t for everyone, I’d say look past the flash aspect for a minute and you really do have something completely wearable. The key to making it work is to let it work by keeping the rest of your look simple. I love an all black, rocking skinny ensemble topped off with a boxy or bomber-shaped trophy cover up.

Like its distant cousin, the maxi dress, trophy jackets ask for minimal effort but deliver maximum effect. What’s not to love?

Vintage Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, Vintage 80s Escada Animal Print Jacket – £180

Every season Monsoon gets top marks in the trophy jacket department. They are just fabulous; all wonderfully adorned with the proverbial bells and whistles you would expect from this statement piece.

Monsoon Fusion Dita JacketMonsoon, Dita Sequin Jacket – Was £99, Now £49
(Editor’s note: This sumptuous jacket is now sold out online, so you’ll have to go in store to snap it up!)


Monsoon, Glasto Pom Pom Jacket – Was £119, Now £82.50


ASOS PremiumZip Through Jacket with Floral Embellishment – Was £150, Now £90

Helmut LangHelmut Lang, Pheasant Print Jacket – £159

3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim, Souvenir Embellished Twill Bomber Jacket – £1,160