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 1/ Stefani Nurding

Skateboarder, blogger, concrete chameleon and all-round cool chick Stefani Nurding is one to follow. I forgot when and how I found her on Instagram but I’m so glad I have. She’s a girl close to my heart – championing an unabashed love for fashion on and off the ramp, a knack for creative DIY and an IDGAF attitude.

She’s clashing fashion and skateboarding in an accessible way and that’s pretty cool in my book; a definite hit.

Stefani Nurding Skateboader

2 / Sonic Highways

A history lesson, a tour around America’s greatest cities and a whole lot of awesome musical talent. No genre is left unturned or hasn’t inspired Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters to create their latest album of the same name – a product of their amazing 8-part documentary that’s now on Netflix.

The series puts the spotlight on various cities across America, each with its own unique musical breakthrough such as the grunge movement (Seattle) or hip-hop meets rock (New York City). As told by local musicians, producers and the Foo Fighter’s own account of these great infamous cities, it’s a visual and audible treat.

Season 2 has been signed off and in the works, so watch Season 1 now!


3 / The original IT film

No one is more excited about the film remake of Stephen King’s IT than me. I love the movie. I love its place in the horror genre. I love Pennywise’s catchphrases. I love that the 1990 film is three hours long.

These days the blood-filled horror scenes and Pennywise (that’s the “clown” by the way) looks pretty cut-and-paste circa Evil Dead, but the psychology and edit of the original film, a story that plays out from a child’s point of view to adulthood some 30 years later on still feels new.

The film remake which features Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard (yay!) comes out on my birthday, 8th September so hell-yeaaa, double celebration!


4 / The 1975

January’s issue of GQ magazine listed The 1975 frontman Matt Healy as one of 2017’s Worst Dressed Men. Wardrobe “malfunctions” aside, I haven’t been this excited and obsessed with a band’s music since I was 19 and nothing my favourite band ever released could possibly be bad.

I love this band right now – their lyrics are pure poetry, their album artwork is an Instagram / Pinterest / Tumblr’s dream and frankly their songs are catchy AF!

Hard to choose a favourite, but…“Somebody Else”, “Settle Down” and “Heart Out” get a mention. A must listen.

the 1975 lead singer

5 / This Blog

I once read an article about blogging in general and something that resonated with me was the author saying that when you start writing again in a dormant blog, you don’t need the all-too-often, “Hey sorry, I haven’t blogged in a while” post because no one cares – just start writing again.

I must admit though I’m no longer living in Shoreditch as my blog title suggests, but I decided not to change the name in its revival. Having lived in the epicentre of Shoreditch for 12 years (like, on or metres from Curtain Road), I’m still a girl from Shoreditch at heart and Bow just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Confessions Of

Images source: 1/, 2/, 3/ Shortlist magazine, 4/, 5/ blogger’s own.

This week, I made the switch to Samsung from Apple after winning Samsung’s latest Galaxy S5 phone and Note Pro 12.2 tablet in an online giveaway. Working in digital marketing, I’ve organised many competitions in my career. From sending a free bouquet of flowers for every 100th online customer to devising a fun, interactive way to enter to win a trip to Dubai, there’s definitely always a winner, but never had I thought it could be me!

Vans iPhone Case

I’m an Apple girl through and through – iMac at work, MacBook at home, iPod at the gym – and up until earlier this week, iPhone everywhere! While I’m sad to say adieu to my much-loved iPhone and Vans iPhone case, I realise it’s time to move on.

With the impending headache of me moving my life to Android now, there is a silver lining – with new tech comes new tech accessories!

Samsung Galaxy Covers

Clockwise from top leftPink Monster Case £15, Whole Lotta Horror Case $35, Watching Case $35, Surfboard Phone Case £20, Gold Glitter Herringbone Phone Case $35

Street StyleEarphones

Clockwise from top leftTed Baker Dover In-Ear Headphones £60Frends Ella Earphones £85Skinny Dip Mint Rope Earphones £15Happy Plugs Rose Gold In-Ear Headphones $40Frends Taylor Holographic Headphones £180

Sequin Clutch Bag

Tablet Cases

Clockwise from top left: American Apparel Large Leather Envelope Pouch £54, ASOS Monster Face Tablet Case £7.50 (Was £15), Sophie Hulme Envelope Clutch Bag £64 (Was £160)Skinny Dip BOOM! Embellished Tablet Case £7 (Was £18)

Images source: Pinterest

BST Hyde Park Black Sabbath

Last week’s British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park was like a masterclass in metal with Black Sabbath (yes, Ozzy Osbourne!) headlining, plus a complete set of epic bands who brought a wave of thundering musical nostalgia to everyone there, including myself.

The weather worked in our favour bringing undisturbed sunshine throughout, but black was still the uniform of the day. With my festival essentials in tow – sunnies, Vans, a flannel for the evening, and endless Jack & Coke, it was a case of catching all the headliners, mainly on the Royal Oak stage.

BST Hyde Park

Soundgarden’s set was pretty spesh. They opened with a message to the crowd they were going to play their 1994 album, Superunknown track by track from start to finish, and that they only did this two other times and that this would probably be their last. While this meant, they weren’t going to play anything off their later albums (“Pretty Noose“), we were still treated to 60 minutes of 90’s rock nostalgia, one of epic proportions.

BST Hyde Park Soundgarden

I admit, back then, I hated “Black Hole Sun“. I’m from the States so I’m allowed to say this. I hated Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction too; it was too much, all around, it dominated the airwaves and the music channels. Only now, ten years later can I truly appreciate Kim’s masterful guitar riffs, and Chris’ raspy yet ravishing vocals. Heard live, I absolutely loved “Black Hole Sun”. And I fell even harder in love with “The Day I Tried to Live” – my all time favourite Soundgarden track.

I was most excited to see Faith No More. Dressed in black robes and white collars, Mike Patton spewed lines from “The Exorcist” in between songs – as you do. Their set left a smile on my face. Midlife Crisis“, “We Care Alot“, “Easy“, “Epic” and so. much. more. A part of me wishes I was just getting into this band, discovering them and waiting for their next record, I feel the same about Underoath. There’s something about being in a time when a band is charting and everything they release is new and excites you!

As day turned to night, darkness started to cover Hyde Park, helped by the day’s ultimate headliner, Black Sabbath. Ozzy looked amazing and was in top form. They opened their set with “War Pigs” to an appreciative crowd. A random fact I learned during Black Sabbath’s set: it only takes up to ten seconds to lose one’s shoe in a mosh pit. During the set, I had to find my partner’s missing Vans in the darkness of the field, somehow I found it and the headbanging resumed.

In the end, we were tired, our legs were tired, we were wet from the rain that did eventually come later in the evening but we were only 30 minutes from home and it being a Friday, we still had a whole weekend to look forward to!

Images source: Blogger’s own

So, have you heard? “You Know My Name” from Courtney Love’s double A-side single launched this week, and you know what? It’s actually pretty good. Delivering two and a half minutes of no nonsense punk-influenced rock, it also casts a familiar sound – her on again/off again band from the late 80s/early 90s, Hole.

Aside from the drama, feuding, controversy – and accolades – that followed the band during its heyday, what I also remember most is a heavily peroxided Courtney effortlessly putting the babydoll and slip dress through its paces. You had to love her prom-queen-gone-rogue style…

Hole Band Photo

Courney Love - Hole


Courtney was all smeared lipstick, torn tights, unruly hair – but it was the dresses that were so iconic to her look. A mix of lace, lithe and Lolita, it’s a style that still has appeal today.

Babydoll Dresses

Left to right: Free People Chelsea Morning Slip Dress £138Meadham Kirchhoff Ophelia Dress Now £971, Simone Rocha Transparent Floral Dress £1,920, Isabel Marant Obira Dress £470

Lace Dresses

Left to right: Free People Lace Godet Babydoll Dress £170, Topshop Tier Crinkle Chiffon Smock Dress £40Collette by Collette Dinnigan Cotton Lace Dress £325Thakoon Embroidered Cotton Slip Dress £1,225

The whole statement of pairing sweet, innocence with overt sexuality was meant to challenge society’s definition of femininity. It was a defining 90s look and Hole was known for it. So, with Mary Janes, red lipstick and peroxide at the ready – if you don’t know her name by now, it’s Courtney, bitch!

Courtney Love


Hole Images Source: Pinterest

The AlmostWith 2013 ending in a mere number of days, it’s only fitting to reflect on how the past year played out, literally and musically – glossing over the bad times and highlighting my most content times. There was plenty of good music and records – both old and new – discovered that made it something memorable.


They’re Only Chasing Safelyand- Define The Great Line

This band was solely brought back to my attention from someone I knew this year. Back when these guys were actually making new music, I regretfully didn’t take to them. However, this was the year I fell hard for Underoath, and boy am I grateful for that. I only have great memories linked to these records, it was a great Summer after all.

Standout tracks: A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White, Reinventing Your Exit, Down Set Go, It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, You’re Ever So Inviting, A Moment Suspended In Time…basically every track on both albums!!!

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Scary Kids, Scaring Kids

Autumn was a tricky time and this played heavily throughout. It also happens to be my absolute favourite record that I found this year. Although I listened to this during my most stressed, I don’t associate it with anything bad. It’s too flawless a record.

Standout tracks: Faces, Free Again, The Deep End

Ben Howard

Ben Howard
Every Kingdom

I listened to this record all throughout the core Summer months. It was the perfect accompaniment to those lazy, long hot days that we had here in London this year. It became my morning ritual listening to this record while getting ready for the day ahead, so it reminds me of short skirts and silk scarfs tied in my hair

Standout tracks: Only Love, Keep Your Head Up, Old Pine

The Blackout

The Blackout

I can only thank Spotify for recommending me this perfect record. It travelled with me every morning in August as I commuted to my new job that I was still unsure about at the time. This kept me sane.

Standout tracks: Last Goodbye, No More Waiting, You’re Not Alone, Keep On Moving

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood Of Colour

This album was the soundtrack during my trip home to New York City earlier this year, and continued to be what I played over and over again while I took countless trains back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan every day.

I was re-introduced to the band through this record. I loved them for years earlier but fell out with their sound as I didn’t like their previous release. However, this was the year they won me over once again!

Standout tracks: …Meltdown, Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here, Arguing With Thermometers

From this list it’s fairly evident that I love metal, I love indie, I love emo, but I love screamo even more. Looking ahead, I can’t wait to hear what 2014 will sound like.

Images source: Pinterest, Google

Beyonce has officially set a new bar shaking up the music industry this morning with the release of her “secret” visual album, compiled of 14 songs and 17 videos. Quite literally while we were sleeping, Queen Bey has cleverly pulled a fast one on us, proving she truly is a girl who runs the music industry’s world…

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Humorously, NME has dubbed it the most stressful release ever, and I get it.

Working in fashion as a Digital Editor, it’s rather usual and extremely resourceful to have all your content and collateral ahead of time, so as to get it all planned, optimised and seeded out via the appropriate channels.

But with the release of this much content in one beautiful swoop, hell, we haven’t even mustered up a credible hashtag yet! It’s just #QueenBey for now on Twitter at number two. Music journalists, the twitter herds, bloggers and fans alike are scrambling to get their say and get their heads around what to do with all this amazing music and visual. It’s like an Editorial department waking up on December 1st having forgotten to plan and launch Christmas. Stress!

As this glorious social storm brews and gains massive momentum, all I have to say is, we’ve successfully launched Christmas online and on time, I’m going to tune into the new album now and seriously, well done Bey! x

BeyonceImage source: Pinterest