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A few weeks ago, I reflected on how the fashion industry had taken a shine to skate culture and the recent surge in designer slip-on style trainers, originally made popular by skate/surf/lifestyle brand, Vans and their die-hard fans. From trainers and slogan tees to backpacks and beanies, I was naive to think fashion’s crush on all things skate would stop there.

Cue the latest development to come out of this season’s love of skate culture, as Selfridges opened their doors this week to an 18,500 square foot pop-up indoor skatepark. Sponsored by HTC One, the old Selfridges hotel has been transformed into a replica skatepark complete with rails, banks, half pipes and benches for boarders to indulge in all its contrived glory. It’s a good amount of terrain with clever retail-themed props for skateboarders to grind, ollie and flip to their heart’s content as the skatepark is completely free.



In addition, as part of the six-week long campaign, Board Games (27 March – 19 April) will see Selfridges stock a collection of world exclusive skate decks and skate art by designers which include Peter Pilotto, Stella McCartney, Erdem and Phillip Lim, along with skateboard accessories and Go-Pro cameras. Slam City Skate have also taken up residence and is on hand to get decks set up with trucks and wheels for those who want to take their new designer boards for a roll.

Designer Skateboards at Selfridges

Fashionistas and regular Selfridges customers will most likely see these designer boards as works of collectable art or a pop culture novelty, while skateboarders and skate enthusiasts might see this as a confusing commercial ploy. There’s no doubt that there are some covet-worthy prints on hand, but these decks don’t live up to the likes of tried and tested skateboard brands such as Toy Machine, Girl and Zero. I also personally fail to see the correlation between a brand like Diesel and skateboarding.

While I spend most of my time on a longboard, skateboarding’s answer for when you want to travel distances and simply prefer to cruise, I’m rather on the fence to this big budget attraction. I adore fashion and all its surprises, but not at the expense of losing the essence of what skateboarding is, something that is a lifestyle for many.

Having spoken to a few friends who are longtime skaters, and visiting the skatepark myself, I have to admit it’s a great space designed to support this culture, which I guess isn’t a too bad thing, I’m just going to look the other way on the designer decks…

HTC One Skatepark

Images source (Skatepark photography):, Instagram Photography: Blogger’s Own


My M.O. is smouldering, smokey eyes – be it Summer, Winter, day or night. If there were two things I couldn’t live without, it would be a kohl pencil and a pot of charcoal eye shadow. My beauty regime starts with my eyes; building up layers upon layers of carbon shadow set in place by primer and a knack for handling a shadow brush. They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, I’d like to think my smokey eyes say both, “Come hither…” and “I mean business!

With all this attention on my eyes, I regretfully hadn’t given much consideration to what was going on north with my brows, outside of the usual tidy that is. However, with Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Rita Ora championing the power brow all of last year, and without a budge in sight set for 2014, I better get on the beauty bandwagon – and quick!

Model eyebrows

And on that note, I made a visit to Selfridges this week for a bespoke eyebrow threading session with Blink Brow Bar.

Founded by Vanita Parti, Blink were the first brand to launch the concept of putting eyebrow threading bars into department stores, where you can pop in for a beauty treatment quickly and easily. Eyebrows are known to define the face, and a lot goes into finding the best shape that works for you – your nose, cheekbones, jawline all play a role, so I left this up to the professionals to show me the way!

This was my first time having the treatment and my lovely therapist, Kinnari completely put me at ease and truthfully, I felt a little embarrassed to show her the state of my neglected brows! But she was completely understanding and very professional. Since the shape of my brow was somewhat already there, Kinnari suggested I go for a tidy up under and above so that the shape was more defined.

It was good to know that the actual experience is fairly painless. Skilled hands worked quickly and efficiently over my brows, lasting around 10 minutes. The attention to detail was amazing! Kinnari then combed, trimmed and filled them out using Blink’s own Indian Eyebrow Powder. I found the effect a little too dramatic, which Kinnari happily removed and instead used a Blink Eyebrow Pencil. To seal the deal, a few lashings of their Eyebrow Gel meant my newly manicured brows would stay in top shape throughout the day! Lastly, I was treated to a mini massage.

On my way out of Selfridges, I couldn’t help but catch myself looking into any mirror or reflective surface I could find as I had completely fallen in love with my brows! My new defined shape highlights the area around my eyes, and perfectly compliments my signature smokey eye. Thanks to Blink Brow Bar, I’m completely converted – threading is the way forward!

And this is the finished result! If you’re keen to get my signature look, I’ve used the following beauty products…

Get The Look

Clockwise from left: Too Faced Shadow Insurance £17Model’s Own Eye Liner £4Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Blackout £14Topshop “All About Me” Lipstick £8

Images source: Pinterest / Artwork: Blogger’s own